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martial arts reviews

“US World Class Taekwondo Newberg has been nothing short of amazing for my son. For years we had been searching for the right organization that could teach him self control, discipline and respect as we felt that these core elements would be important in his development. The coaches have been fantastic and truly understand how to work with both children and adults alike. Their commitment to their students is second to none and I can’t recommend the organization enough.”

 John Kreuzer, Vice President, Lumina Communications

martial arts review

Fantastic Taekwondo instructors. They are dedicated, motivating staff that is accessible and professional to kids and parents. My kids love attending here, and are learning a lot about Taekwondo and themselves. My oldest is getting his black belt and he is 11 and has been training for 3 years. He is on the competition team and has attended many competitions, and has won many medals. Attending Taekwondo has boosted my son’s self-confidence and has increased his physical abilities. My other son had started at a Tiny Tiger at age 4 and is now five and is now in class with older kids and he is learning to have patience and focus and the instructors are able to balance the needs of my son with the needs of other students at the same time. He also has been to many competitions and is so proud of himself no matter what medal he won, as he knows he did his best.

My kids have formed friendships with other students as well as my husband and myself with other parents. The school makes you truly earn your advancements at each belt level, which gives my boys a lot of pride in themselves in what they can learn and perform. US World Class Taekwondo Newberg has become a second family to use over the years. They teach my sons, how to be more confident and how to be leaders. What my boys learn in Taekwondo does not just stay at the school,  but carries on to other parts of their lives in school, at home and in friendships. The classes are taught in a way that is challenging and fun. My boys just love coming to class, as they know they will receive attention and praise as well as discipline in a way that reinforces them to train hard and practice.


Cassandra Krawec-Paul


U.S. World Class Newberg Reviews

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