Optimal Performance Team

OPT Team 2018-2019

Optimal Performance Taekwondo Team is comprised of three teams.  The sparring, Poomsae, and demonstration team.  Our season begins in October and runs through July.  We participate in local, state, national, & international level tournaments. Each team member will gain self-confidence, focus, respect, self-esteem, discipline, perseverance and leadership skills.

The OPT Taekwondo Team has produced numerous State & National Champions and is currently the home of several U.S. National Team members as well as an Oregon State Coach and former competitor/Olympic athlete.

In order to successfully compete in any sport, an athlete needs the full support of their family. OPT builds a strong community of coaches, families, volunteers and athletes. Our goal is to develop champions through attitude, technique, discipline and team work!

Each member of the team is a member of the USA Taekwondo association which is where Olympic dreams begin.

The OPT (Optimal Performance Team) Taekwondo Sparring Team is an elite competition sparring team that participates in the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo. To prepare our athletes to compete with the best, they receive:

  • Progressive strength and conditioning
  • Training in the most effective Taekwondo sparring techniques and tactics
  • Practice with the latest electronic scoring equipment
  • Individualized Sparring analysis
  • Cross-training with high level students from other Taekwondo schools

The OPT SPORTS POOMSAE (FORMS) TEAM is for those students who want to showcase Taekwondo’ s amazing kicks, strikes, and movement sequences. Our instructors equip students with the skills that enable them to compete at the highest level, performing Taekwondo forms with precision, fluidity, and grace.

The OPT TAEKWONDO DEMONSTRATION TEAM (DEMO TEAM) is a dynamic group of athletes that perform and compete at all levels.  Our Taekwondo Demonstration Team is a combination of sparring and Poomsae techniques performed in a group of 15 to 20 athletes along with acrobatics, tricks and board breaking.  This is a fun and energetic team and it encourages team work, focus and discipline.

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